Sustainability through Better Design and Products

The green technology movement is not just about renewable energy sources.

It’s also about using our current electrical technology more efficiently and effectively.

Here in Northern California, interest in green tech is being driven by two compelling factors, of which climate change is only one.

The other is steadily increasing utility bills that have caused homeowners and businesses to seek more sustainable ways to use electricity.

Thor Electric is an active proponent of better electrical design and leveraging the new products that enter the electrical contracting marketplace.

We bring a strong commitment to sustainable electrical solutions to our work by helping customers utilize more efficient products that also reduce their energy bills.

The impact is twofold: not only does this contribute to a more sustainable environment, but it saves you money!

We offer advice, expertise, product recommendations, sales and installation. Some of the services we provide with “green” impact include:

  • Energy efficiency consultations
  • Lighting efficiency and control systems
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Electrical inspections
  • Integrating solar with whole-home systems
  • Battery / backup power systems
  • Off-grid power solutions

Contact us for an assessment of your sustainable energy goals and honest answers.

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